Because this shit is not done with us yet.

I am fully vaccinated, with 2 boosters as of May 2022. I expect you are too. Washington State residents, please use WAverify, and send me the QR code.

My client base is predominantly gents who work remotely most or all the time. At-home, rapid antigen tests are widely available, and super easy. If you are not yet vaccinated, I require that you test prior to our meeting. I don't require it for everyone at this time, but that might change.

We still take the COVID-19 crisis seriously, and:
  • Wear a respirator in public spaces
    (I wear a KF94 indoors)
  • Are fully vaccinated
  • Practice good hand hygiene (good for avoiding a cold too!)
  • Will get tested & isolate for at least 14 days if a contact or either of us are sick or exposed
  • Will inform the other if one of us gets exposed or sick within 14 days of our meeting
  • Do not face vulnerable patients at work (e.g. oncology practice, care home, etc.)
  • No one in your household is at risk of serious COVID complications
  • If you have a public facing job, we'll have to wait
  • Travelers: certain hotspots are still high risk & cooking up new variants. Please be forthright about your travel, and test before a date
  • Also, Travelers: if you have the misfortune to be stuck near someone who is clearly ill, please postpone our meeting until you're certain you didn't get their crud

COVID cancelation policy: Do not show up with symptoms! If you cancel because you're sick or exposed, please get tested for COVID within 48 hours, send me a screenshot, and I will apply the cancellation fee (minus my expenses) toward a future date in the next 12 months.

Please note, you must cancel right away! If I have gone through the effort and expense of showing up for our meeting, I will keep the entire cancellation fee.