I have always preferred quality experiences over high-volume encounters. Now more than ever. What about you?

I am now fully vaccinated. For your protection, I still practice caution in my day-to-day life.

All adults are eligible now, so please get your jabs!

We both take the COVID-19 crisis seriously, and:
  • Avoid crowds & observe social distance guidelines
  • Mask up & wash our hands
  • Will get tested & isolate for at least 14 days if a contact or either of us get sick
  • Will inform the other if one of us gets sick within 14 days of our meeting
  • Do not face patients at work
  • No one in your household is at risk of serious COVID complications
  • Are not at high risk of exposure
Essential workers and folks with public-facing jobs, let's plan to meet two weeks after your final vaccine dose.

COVID cancelation policy:
Do not show up with symptoms. If you cancel because you're sick or exposed, please get tested for COVID within 48 hours, send me a screenshot, and I will apply the cancellation fee toward a future date.

Certain hotspots around the country are still high risk. Please be forthright about your travel.